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The Weight Of My Words


The Weight Of My Words - cover by The Bastard Sons of Dioniso
Music video for my Art Lab exam at IUAV/University of Visual and Performing Arts of Venice (Italy).
Canon 500D, 17-85mm f4-5.6 lens.
© Luana Martignon - 2013


"The Weight Of My Words" is just a tiny part of a biggest project called "The Imposter". The idea was to create a character, impersonate it and show it to the people through different artistic creations: the project includes a photo portrait, a painting and a video interview but they are not available online.

Film Beyond Borders - GIIFF 2014


In 2014 I volunteered as cameraman and photographer at the first edition of the Golden Island Film Festival. I worked as part of a team and our goal was to discover the culture and political situation of the northern side of Cyprus, country which is currently split in two, and make a short documentary about it.


It was an enlightning experience, I learnt a lot about this country’s history and I worked with an amazing team of young people.


The documentary was screened at the festival closing gala.

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