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I’m Luana, an international Photographer and Storyteller based in Cambridgeshire with over 10 years of experience in storytelling through photography and content creation.

I shoot individuals and brands: my aim is to tell stories through outstanding and creative photography.

I will help you develop the best images for your social media growth,  for your website or simply for your memories.

The best way to engage with your online audience is through outstanding photographs - this is something we can achieve together!

Contact me and we can go from there.


I started taking photographs very young, playing around with my father's film camera, and stealing snaps of my pregnant mother. I was taking photos of my younger brother before he was born!

I soon realised that people are my favourite subject: from fashion to headshots, from portrait sessions to anything else really, I feel so privileged to know the art of stopping time with a click.

I now work with models, brands and individuals to create visual content for their websites, social media, and albums of memories.


I am passionate about working with brands and small businesses to create imagery and professional content for social media, websites and marketing campaigns.


On-brand visual content is the best way to reach your targeted audience: your socials will be the first thing potential customers and clients will look at!

Together we can tell them your story through

eye-catching and curated images.

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For over 10 years, I’ve been shooting events internationally.


From film events such as the BAFTAs, the Venice Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival, to private celebrations and corporate gigs.


If there are memories to be captured, I will do my magic!


I capture weddings in my own, genuine documentary style. 

I sneak around freezing those special moments forever, looking forward to providing you with photos that will make you and your loved ones tear up with emotion.

I specialise in small, intimate weddings and elopements - these sorts of unions make my camera sing!


Stills photography was my niche when I moved to the UK in 2014 - a few years later, I still adore this type of storytelling as I always felt at home on set!

I love taking photos of talented artists at work, showing their process and sharing their passion through mine.


I am an avid and passionate traveller.

Alongside the usual touristy stuff, I thrive on exploring places, eating the most traditional dishes and meeting the local people.

When travelling, I take chance to immerse myself in others daily life to observe and understand human behaviours and decisions, appreciating the complexity and open-endedness of human life and different cultures.


Music portraits are so much fun!

I love shooting musician because they are fellow artsy people.


My process includes listening to your music, brainstorming your ideas, experimenting and having a play around: I think being creative together is the best way  to achieve the most powerful content for your album cover, advertising, and press.

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I started Luana Burton Photography to offer my art as a way of enhancing your online presence,  improving your marketing kit or just making your memories last forever.


Whether you need photographs for your business or yourself, I am so glad you found my website: I am looking forward to hearing how I can help you!

The way you tell your story can make all the difference.



I can remember the first time that holding a camera gave me a thrill: it was a sunny day, and my parents and I were having lunch on our house's balcony. My dad was shooting away with his film camera, as usual, and he asked me to take a photo of him, mum and her big, pregnant belly. I got really excited about being given such an important task and that excitement never left! 


 I studied a BA in Visual and Performing Arts in Venice, Italy. During and after that, I fed my knowledge through shooting as much as possible, with live music and red carpets being my favourite school. I loved how challenging those situations were!

Learning new skills, and feeding my creativity makes me able to provide images for different purposes.

I love helping businesses and individuals through my art!

If you need any help with any visual aspect of your business or yourself as an individual, please contact me through the button below.

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