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I work with international individuals to capture the most genuine and effective headshots and promo shots.


My focus is on capturing my subject in the most genuine, raw way possible - I will not make people look better than they look because I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own, unique way. 

My Clients are always pleasantly surprised when they see how I capture them through my lens - this is what I call my "superpower"! 

My sessions are relaxed: we chat, we laugh, I show you what I am doing and ask you how you feel about it. I hype you up as your best friend would.

If you are a nervous person and are unsure about having your photos taken, I am your person.


Solo shoot:

from £200  (3 edited images)

Up to 1h30 shooting on location / LONDON

Day shoot:

from £100 (3 edited images)

Minimum 5 people in one day

50 minutes mini-sessions on location (per person) / LONDON

Ideal for a group of friends/students/co-workers

Please email me if you need a custom rate.


"I loved how simple and casual the shoot felt - Luana was such a lovely kind, calming presence and it felt like we were just hanging out rather than ‘doing work’"

"Luana was incredibly easy to work with. Just overall a great experience."

"Luana provides a safe and relaxed space to capture the best parts of you to share with the world."

"Luana was very warm and chill and encouraging."

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