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Here, I will feature a project at the time. Please see below, Roma of Kuştepe.

Today I visited the Roma community of Kuştepe, Istanbul. 

It's a poor and humble area, despite the Trump Towers standing out massive and monochromatic in the background.


I was welcomed as a guest, a rare privilege for someone living outside of the community.


My eyes were captured by the colorful houses, kids were running around and asking me to take their photos because "I will never go to Europe but my photo will", some adults were shy and tried to hide behind their children before gaining a bit more confidence and looking at the camera.


Despite the language barrier, I was able to build a connection with the people of Kuştepe, communicating through smiles and simple gestures; excitement and happiness were flowing around me as if it was a special day and I feel lucky I had the chance to experience this and catch it on camera.


Luana Burton

31st October, 2015

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