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I am Luana, a freelance photographer born and raised in Italy.

My love for photography started when, as a child, I used to play with my dad's camera taking photos of my pregnant mother.


I studied Visual and Performing Arts at IUAV in Venice, Italy, focusing mostly on getting a good knowledge of photography and film. 

When I got my degree in March 2014 with a statement about Tim Burton (here comes the reason for my nickname!) I decided to begin a new adventure and I moved to England.


My portfolio ranges from film events to backstage photography and reportage to documentary journalism and weddings. I always had a passion for photographing people! 


Volunteering for Balik Arts brought me to places like Istanbul, Cyprus and Longyearbyen (the northernmost settlement in the world) where I met new people and made friends thanks to my camera.

I had the chance to immerse myself in others daily life to observe and understand human behaviours and decisions, appreciating the complexity and open-endedness of human life and different cultures.


I am based in Cambridgeshire and London but I work nationwide and abroad. 

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